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Lake Air, Riesling, and a Few Books

Just like the past week, the weekend flew by.

I didn’t get much writing done, though I did manage a few paragraphs.  (I’m working on a collection of short stories.)  All the ideas and mental outlines are there, but interruptions and chores sometimes do take priority.  I made another fresh peach pie to replace the peach pie we finished a few days ago.

We took one day to spend away from the cottage.  We treated ourselves to a Thai lunch (it was good, and I didn’t get sick!), then we walked to the cigar shop for a cold glass of Riesling wine.  (It was the best Riesling we ever had.)  While at the cigar shop, we sat in the lounge and smoked.

Once done there, we walked to the bookstore.  How exciting to find the last copy of Flannery O’Connor’s “Wise Blood” novel!  My beau picked up “The Beatles Complete Songbook” since he’s working on learning their guitar chords to expand his musical knowledge.

On a whim, we took a short boat ride on the lake, too.  It was refreshing, and although the guide said, “There’s an alligator!” while pointing to a dark spot in the rushes, I’m not so sure.  My photographs yielded nothing more than a blurry blob, so who knows?

It’s been so cloudy and heavy this weekend, that I wish it would rain or do something.  We need the rain.  Everything in our gardens are doing very well, including the mint, chives, and potted cherry tomatoes on the patio.  I’m thinking that next year I just might put in a raised bed so we can have more fresh vegetables for out table.

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