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Here’s the Poop, and It Stinks.

Lately, I noticed the plethora of television advertisements touting the wonder drugs, products, and soothers in the pooping and peeing realm.

There’s a charming commercial where a woman gets rid of her load in someone’s living room.  It appears that what’s being sold is cat litter boxes with an automatic spin.

There are a few ads for getting your colon moving on the right track.

There’s a commercial or two for taking care of your bowels’ looseness.

Let us not forget the creamy deodorant you spread inside your butt crack, but as the woman shows us, remember to first blow; let out a puff of breath before you rub it on.

Ah, yes, and the ad that tells that you, too, can have a sweet smelling toilet bowl after a hearty dump – all you have to do is drop a few drops of a perfume in your toilet bowl.

Then, how about that ad where some guy is talking on a stage and talking about men’s problems with sprinkling?  Behind him, feet walking up to a toilet bowl, then cue the hose with water gushing out. . .

Seems to me America has a preoccupation with poop, urine, and poopie products.

Given the state of the world these days, no wonder.

What a load of poo.

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