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Valentine Dinner?

St. Valentine’s Day is a mere week or so from today.

I received a notice from our neighborhood diner that there is a special “Valentine’s Weekend Dinner” covering two days, with three seatings both evenings.

Being offered are a Caprese salad, surf and turf, and a “slice of Thunder Cake with strawberry glaze and “housemade” whipped cream.

All that ready-made, catered-in, microwaved fare for $75.

After the disastrous New Year’s Eve 2022 party my best friend and I attended (hosted by the same neighborhood diner), we decided to do our own St. Valentine’s Dinner at home.

Stay tuned.  I am currently working on our menu, which will be one hundred per cent homemade from scratch – not the faux “chef-made” microwave warm-ups at this diner.

©2022 Colcannon Metropolis, excerpt from “On the Ridge”