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Huxleyan or Orwellian?

I rarely watch television. Recently, I turned it on and was shocked at the glut of drug advertisements, which accounted for the great majority of advertisements. (“Tell your doctor you might have this ailment”; “Take this drug to counteract the other drugs you are on;” . . .) Perhaps Huxley was correct. Governments and their bedpartners would one day provide people a drug – soma, if you will – that would alter the definitions of humankind. I clearly see that we already have that psychotropic drug, created with warp speed and now on their test runs on a population that begs for it – not just one dose, but two, three, seventeen. The governments are pushing it; some people commandeer it as ego-satisfying virtue signaling; some question it with wariness. This drug is a hallucinogen of sorts by providing a euphoria of security, of invincibility, and victory over something that may or may not exist. Think Delta is the top of the line of this fear mongering?  Well, supposedly, more viruses and pestilence are on its way. Roll up your sleeve and take the needle. Do not ask questions.

So which is the better way to go – an Orwellian future for us, or would you rather go with a Huxleyan world? Our governments say, “Hey, why not do both?”

©2022 Colcannon Metropolis, excerpt from “Points Well Taken” and “Passage to Paradise”