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Here’s the Poop.

The weather is hot these days, and heading to the pool is now an almost daily activity for us.  This past Monday was no exception.

As Best Friend and I met near the center of the HOA neighborhood pool, we noticed that more than the usual amount of debris – leaves, dead insects, twigs – was floating atop the water.  Looking down at the swimming pool’s floor, there were larger chunks of bark from the trees that surround the pool.

“What the hell is this?” exclaimed Best Friend as he looked at the pool’s floor about 4 feet away.  “I got to get closer.”

He walked a few steps, suddenly stopped, looked down, and spoke.

“Geez, do you know what that is?” he asked me.”  “It’s a pile of crap somebody left.”

“What?”  I almost was not surprised.

“It’s either from somebody straining too hard at this morning’s aerobics, or it’s one of the grands visiting that popped one out.”

“Oh, brother,” I said, as we both started walking to the ladder so we could exit the pool.  “You’d think that the residents here would talk to their kids and grandchildren about hygiene and manners.  For Pete’s sake, the bathrooms are right here.”

We headed to the hot tub and spent some time there before drying out on the chaise lounge, where two other neighbors arrived and took a dip.

We left shortly thereafter.

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