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October Reflections.

We are fast approaching the end of October; only twelve more days – and it will be a new month.  November will bring the happiness of Thanksgiving.  It will also bring some creative ways to get around the cost of inflation.  Here, the fat tom turkey just might give way to a smaller hen turkey, or if the price per pound is better, then Cornish hens for all might be the main attraction on my Thanksgiving table.  We will see.

I read an article stating that 30% of Americans won’t be doing the traditional Thanksgiving celebrations due to the expensiveness of food, et cetera.

Yet, planning that abundantly covered table is only the physical manifestation of the day.  What is most important for us is the prayerful thanksgiving we profess.  As much as the world seems to be breaking apart and lunacy appears to be de rigueur, there remains so very much to see as positive and worthwhile, to be held dear within oneself, except to express our gratitude to those people to whom we wish to share those thoughts, and to whomever we see as our Creator (if one believes along those lines).

It amazes me that how a simple thing as solitude and traversing a wooded trail on horseback will bring me to rejuvenation, and a much needed one at that.

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