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From Spooky to Demonic.

Best Friend and I went out shopping the other day to our local mall.  Lo! and Behold, a Halloween store was in place, as it is every year starting in August.

We decided to take a gander at what is being offered this year.

Within ten minutes, we were back out in the mall.


Everything – well, about ninety-nine per cent of the inventory – was blood, guts, demons, death, pus, boils, killer clowns and murdering tots . . .  It is also filled with sexy or revealing costumes that are best left to the privacy of one’s bedroom if one leans that way.

Whatever happened to the fun and spooky aspect of the day?

In fact, today’s Halloween seems to be a perfect mirror of today’s society with its lack of direction, deficiency of purpose, scarcity of scruples, and respect for life.

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