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The Kayak Trip

We spent a week out of town with one of my long-time friends, taking life easy away from the Rat Race.

One day, the six of us decided to do some kayaking down a river.  It would be a day trip to take life slow and enjoy Nature.

There we were, six of us in three kayaks, moving silently among the banyan trees, avoiding spider webs, and catching glimpses of wild birds.

Then – splash!

One woman and her husband in our party became stuck in mud when they kayaked too close to the river’s edge.  Her husband jumped out of their kayak, and the two other men in our party did the same.  The three men heaved and hoed, trying mightily to remove the stuck kayak.

This was a daunting task, indeed, for the woman weighed at least 200 pounds.

One of the men lost his sandals in the muck—

And not even an offer from the woman to replace them, or a “thank you” for helping her out of the river muck.

That’s gratitude, isn’t it?

©2022, excerpt from “Weird Florida”