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No Thought of His Own.

They say it is a good thing to write something down in your diary or journal or social media page every day.  It does not need to be something long nor profound, as long as one writes something down.

Take the Duke of Wilshire, for example.

He writes a blurb every day.  Something public for all to read.  It might be a quote.  Or misquote.  It might be a meme.

Whatever he posts, it is pulled from other famous people and ripped off, plagiarized, brashly taken.  There is no originality, for he has no original thought of his own.

Yet his followers worship and toss rose petals at his feet as he takes on the role of the great Philosopher of Life, which he is not.

He has no original thought of his own.

©2022 Colcannon Metropolis, excerpt from “Thoughts on the Terrace on a Rainy Day”