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Tempera Paints and Halloween.

Tempera Paints.

Now that’s a memory from the Olden Days.  What led me to this recollection was this morning, when I was putting away our Fiestaware coffee cups, specifically the Black and Butterscotch ones I use this time of year.  The Butterscotch cup reminded me of the yellow-orange tempera paints my Ma used to paint Halloween scenes on our front room picture window:  A full moon and a broom-riding black witch, white ghosts, and black bats she painted for a fun Halloween scene.  She taught me how to draw, sketch, and paint, and by the time I was in sixth grade, I was put in charge of drawing flowers, bees, birds, clouds, and suns on the inside of our school’s windows with crayon, then helping the other kids paint them in with tempera paints.

Goodness!  What putting away coffee cups will do to lead my memories to such good times!

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