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How’s Your Constitution Today?

Did you notice that September 16th was Mexican Independence Day?  Perhaps you participated in a parade over the weekend or raised a margarita glass in your apartment party room, or threw a fiesta at home, or had a bistec a la parrilla con frijoles y arroz at your local restaurant with your amigos.  Maybe you admired all the green, white, and red flags and bunting in stores, on houses, or on street light poles.  Maybe you were wowed seeing that huge Mexican flag flying in the back of a pickup truck on the highway.

Isn’t this a great country?  We can celebrate another country’s independence and make a fiesta grande out of it.  ¡Olé!

By the way, how did your Constitution Day party go over this same weekend?  Did you grill hot dogs or hamburgers with the neighbors?  How did you decorate your house with the red, white, and blue?  Wasn’t it great how all the restaurants and businesses decorated and celebrated our Constitution Day so patriotically?  Did you watch a patriotic American movie?  Ahhh . . . feel your heart swell with pride for the United States.

You know that there weren’t any Constitution Day celebrations as a matter of priority.  No, siree.

What has been materializing in the United States of America for the past century or so is alarming and sad.  The dinosaurs and their hatchlings with the loudest voices are barreling through the Constitution, ignoring the parameters laid out by the Founding Fathers.  Moreover, the Head Resident in the White House also ignores it, ignores the will of the citizenry, the Supreme Court’s decisions, and instead, feeds his own ego, if only for a hot minute until the next day when he denies saying what he said the previous day.  Though I believe Jokey is a tyrannical dictator, he is most likely a malleable puppet to the unelected cabal behind the curtain that is really running the country.

Granted, this has been a slow march towards Socialism and Communism that has picked up speed over the past two years.  Yet, it has been working its way into government and society for well over one hundred years.

Did you know that the United States Constitution only gives the Federal government the authority to defend the nation, control interstate commerce, negotiate trade and treaties, and mint money backed by gold?  There is no authorization for pandemic nor epidemic management, the amputation of parental rights, the demonization of half of the population.  There is no permission for regulating the type of vehicle we must buy, nor giving the imprimatur intelligence agencies to raid private citizens’ homes, to spy on us citizens, or even establish a Federal Reserve.

It also does not give the power to non-elected citizens to dictate to us every aspect of our private lives. 

Insofar as the unelected government employees dictating to American citizens on where they can freely or not freely go, what they must do to their bodies as to what they must wear across their mouths or put in their bodies, what type of vehicle they must drive and when they can “fuel” it, that is more than alarming.

We are not non-entities.  We have God-given rights, and there is no denying it nor getting around that solid fact.  The government – or whoever is behind the curtain running the country – is interfering with our God-given rights and trying mightily to take His place.

When the citizens do nothing to stop this insanity, to end the usurpation of the United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights, to go along to get along, then there is no one else to blame as the country slides into the abyss of Marxism.

And did you notice that President Jokey quoted Mao Tse-tung during his speech at the Coast Guard graduation ceremony as if that quote was something he found in a fortune cookie?

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