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Playing the Victim.

One of the worst destructive actions one can do to his psyche and emotional being is to consistently dredge up the nefarious events of the past. Dig them up, lay it all out in the sun, hang it on the clothesline, confess all to a greedy world to delight in the negativity. There cannot be any good to constantly do this, but to play the victim, the “poor me,” attitude, all for the ego-satisfying feeling the attention might garner from not only family and friends, but from nosey strangers.

The only way to get beyond this perpetual digging up victimhood is to realize people do change for the good and forgiveness is key. That is, if one wants to get beyond the insanity. Otherwise, to keep marinating in the past and perceived victimhood is a sickness in itself that I surmise that some must be enjoying for the attention it brings them.

What is the purpose to dig it all up, indeed?

©2022 Colcannon Metropolis, excerpt from “Points Well Taken”