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How’s Your Bill of Rights Today?

Today, December 15, observes the United States Bill of Rights. Did you know that?

The United States Constitution only gives the Federal government the authority to defend the nation, control interstate commerce, negotiate trade and treaties, and mint money backed by gold.  There is no authorization for pandemic nor epidemic management, education, the arts, amputating parental rights, regulating the type of vehicle we have to buy, intelligence agencies to spy on us citizens, or a Federal Reserve.  It also does not give the power to non-elected citizens to dictate to us every aspect of our private lives.

It is disconcerting what is materializing in the United States of America today.  The dinosaurs and their hatchlings with the loudest voices are barreling through the Constitution, ignoring the parameters laid out by the Founding Fathers.  Moreover, the Head Resident in the White House also ignores it, ignores the will of the citizenry, the Supreme Court’s decisions, and instead, feeds his own ego, much like the dinosaurs and their hatchlings.  Granted, this has been a slow march towards Socialism, one that has been working its way into government and society for well over one hundred years.

Insofar as the unelected government employees dictating to American citizens on where they can freely or not freely go, what they must do to their bodies as to what they must wear across their mouths, and the push of a questionable so-called vaccine, that is alarming.

The American public has long idolized celebrities, as far back as possibly the Turn of the Century (19th to 20th).  Actors and actresses, athletes, and whatnot became, for some fans, a way to imitate their lives, fashions, and use of consumer products.  And this still happens today.  So no wonder the likes of Anthony Fauci and Rochelle Walensky enjoy the rush of adrenaline to their egos and get a sick kick out of fostering fear when they spout off on various television programs and dictate what we need to wear, where we go, and what we do to our bodies.  And, of course, I add the players in front of and behind the curtain of this current administration, and including Congress.

We are not children, and they are not in any position to demand those edicts from citizens.  Recommendations are recommendations, not laws nor commands.  They are interfering with our God-given rights.

By the same token, state governors – some of them – are reveling in the glory of dictating to their constituents.  The same goes for many mayors, village presidents, and city managers.

When the citizens do nothing to stop this insanity, to end the usurpation of the United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights, to go along with the “pandemic” decree-of-the-day, then there is no one else to blame as the country slides into the abyss of Marxism.

©2022, excerpt from “Supreme Theater”