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Goodbye, Columbus.

In the school system in the county next to mine, they have tossed Chris to the curb.

That’s right; Christopher Columbus Day is not celebrated, nor observed.  Instead, they have something called Indigenous Day on October 17.

Columbus has been effectively erased – just an asterisk, barely a footnote, a persona non grata.

Teaching children about the Indians who lived on the North American continent is a worthwhile topic – the more one knows and learns, the better.  However, to kick Columbus to the curb is wrong, wrong, wrong.  He is an important contributor to American history, and he is greatly important to our actual being.  Unfortunately, what these school systems are doing is to teach children disrespect and ignorance.  You might even want to read my blog about my 2021 calendar and Columbus Day by linking to Columbus on the Calendar.

Well, Happy Columbus Day on the 12th.  He deserves recognition, by golly.

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