The Dirty Cap, or What’s with the Tomato Soup?

We were out the other day to run a few errands, and before we knew it, our stomachs were growling.  It was time for lunch. 

We swung into the parking lot where there are two restaurants we’ve patronized in the past.  One is a diner and the other is a small local chain Mexican restaurante.  We chose Mexican.

Two horchatas ordered, two plates of enchiladas de pollo, and we were in business.  I asked for a bottle of habanero sauce, and the waitress told me that they didn’t not have any.  Disappointed, but still wanting a bit of zing! on my enchiladas, I settled for a bottle of Valentina salsa.  And, boy, am I glad I did!

I tasted my enchiladas, taking a bit of the red sauce on my fork.  Yuck!  The sauce tasted just like Campbell’s tomato soup.  No flavor, no zing, no zip.  Just blah, canned tomato.  I picked up the bottle of Valentina’s hot sauce – with the dirty, crusted-on sauce on the cap – and I sprinkled it on my meal, hoping it would help the flavor.  It did, but just barely.  Best friend and I agreed that the best part of the meal was the horchata, frijoles, and rice.

We won’t be going back to this Mexican restaurante, and with the price of two meals ($45+tax), it is not worth it at all.

Lo siento, amigos.

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