It Affects the Spirit.

“No negative side effects.”

I saw a meme recently where the poster stated that music has absolutely no negative side effects on the human psyche.

I chuckled for a moment, then shook my head at the proclamation.

“Music has no negative side effects.”

Not so.

Those close to me know that I like most music.  I play several instruments.  I listen to everything from ancient Sumerian compositions to Medieval tunes to Renaissance madrigal to classical to ragtime to real Western (cowboy) music to disco . . . and everything in between.  I have my favorite types, just like everyone else does.  However, when it comes to instrument-banging and unintelligible voices, well, that does have a negative side effect.  For me.  I become angry and on edge; my surroundings take on a chaotic ambience.  There is no beauty there for me.

Conversely, when I listen to music with balance and order, well, that’s when all the effects are positive to my being.  Sure, the music might make me feel sad or happy or even – gasp! – patriotic, but it doesn’t make me feel like Beelzebub is ready to make his chaotic entrance into the room.

Music lyrics run the same way for me.  Vulgar language in a song?  I’m done.  There is no place for it in my world.  But respectful, clean language?  Sounds good to me.

While it might be said that music never has a negative impact on one’s self, I respectfully disagree.  You cannot count me in on that type of disordered thinking.

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