Customer Service, Part 1.

We stood in the checkout line.  When the checkout woman was ringing up the last item for the couple in front of us, it started.

The coffee klatch, but without the coffee.

The checker and the couple stopped everything, and the “oohs” and “ahhs” went on and on.  There was faux flattery for the grandparent birthstone necklace, and the undying bragging about grandchildren.

And there we stood, waiting and waiting for our turn to buy our items.  No acknowledgement that we were waiting.  Not even a glance in our direction.

The little threesome party kept going on and on between the three, and once again, Best Friend and I were treated to the fact that their grandchildren were all the brightest, the smartest, the most beautiful to ever walk the face of the Earth.


And finally, the couple paid for their items, the checker closed out her cash register, and a new checker took care of us.  Lickety split, just like that.

©2022 Colcannon Metropolis, Thoughts from the Terrace on a Rainy Day, Aren’t They Just!, Points Well Taken.


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