The Water Closet.

Some years ago, my job took me to the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes – Minnesota.

During the several months I spent looking to purchase a house, I saw everything from houses built in the 1920s to new construction.  One of my favorite houses was in the Hyde Park section of Saint Paul.  It was a two-story 1927-built quasi-Spanish house with solid hickory trim throughout, an airlock foyer, a master bath as large as a bedroom (I could have placed a vanity table in it!), original mosaic tile, a belvedere, modern kitchen, and two car garage – all on a very large lot with a privacy fence.  I liked it very much, but I was outvoted by the person I was with, and that’s a book for another time.

I continued the search for a house to buy. 

On my list, there was another older house that caught my eye.  It was a 1930s Tudor-style with an interesting room layout and many hallways, a rustic kitchen, sunken living room, and three bathrooms.  There was a bathroom attached to the master bedroom upstairs, one on the main floor, and one that neither the real estate agency nor I could find. 

After looking through the house again and not finding it, we concluded that the listing had an error and should have said, “two bathrooms.”

As we were leaving, I noticed the coat closet by the front door.  Having not looked in it yet, I walked over to see how large it was and opened the door.

There, underneath the jammed-in long winter coats, was a single white toilet, hooked up, and in working order.

There – in the coat closet – was the third bathroom in this house!

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1 thought on “The Water Closet.

  1. I suppose when the wicked people who previously owned the house locked their children in that closet as punishment for misbehaving, they didn’t want them pooping on the floor.

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