Daily Archives: July 15, 2022

Lost to the Ages.

Oh, where do I start with my story today?  Well, let’s go back to the beginning.

Over the past year or so, I have been formulating and writing a noir-type novella.  Somehow, I found the muse for that style of writing, and I was on a roll.  A really, really good roll.

Then, about five months ago, I accidentally deleted my work.  I was still in the first few chapters; a rough draft, for sure.  When I hit that final, document-killing button – “Are you sure you want to delete this?” – my heart sank, and butterflies filled my stomach.

What in heaven’s name did I do?  My finger froze on the mouse.

What, for the love of Mike, were you thinking? I said to myself.

If the draft was on my computer’s hard drive, well, no harm, no foul.  But, son of a beach bum, that beautiful, glorious draft was on my thumb drive.

When I researched on how to recover my work, I found it was too cumbersome, there was no guarantee I’d recover it, and I gave up.  Perhaps the story would come back to me, and I could recreate it.


Flash forward to yesterday.  I was working on organizing my story files in my computer, in preparation for a new computer my best friend bought us for our anniversary.  I was moving documents from the hard drive to thumb drives.

And – voilà! there it was – the long-lost draft noir story I thought was lost to the ages.  I had forgotten that I saved an extra copy of the document there, on a thumb drive, and thank goodness I did.

As sick as I was to think I lost that draft novella so many months ago, I felt the complete opposite when I found it – thrilled to no end.

Eventually, I’ll have that novella finished.  Yay!


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