It is absolute.  It’s final.  It’s forever.

And in the grand structure of life, was it all worth it?

Among the pleasant events in life, sometimes and unfortunately, some of us allow the negatives take to precedent over the positives.

The arguments.

Perceived wrongs.

Imagined offenses.

The lies.

The disregarding.

The no communication.

And for what?

There was a death this past week.  There is no going back.  No going back to clear the air.  No conversation to straighten things out.  No nothing.

Death is final.  And will the legacy be anything but the focus on the negatives?

Will there always be the unknown of what went wrong?

Or will it be an impetus to straighten things out with others?

Before Death comes on little cat feet, will you have straightened out the relationships you need to — rather, that you must— put in order, one way or another?  Or will you carry the burden of perpetual animosity and acrimony with you to your grave?

It’s a word to the wise.

©2022 Colcannon Metropolis, Thoughts from the Terrace on a Rainy Day, Aren’t They Just!, Points Well Taken.


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