The Nerve!

I wrote about Mister Tough Guy, a neighbor that is a blowhard and sometime bear-poker, to put it nicely.

You may have read about him in “Now He Is a Somebody,” “Mister Tough Guy,” and “I Live Among Giants.

He yells at other neighbors, gripes, and complains, and calls names.  Yes, he even did all that to Best Friend.

Well, recently he had the gall to contact Best Friend and ask for help.  He wanted Best Friend to write a letter to the homeowner’s association, touting the “good character” of Mister Tough Guy.

You see, ol’ Mister Tough Guy was up for a hearing in front of the homeowner’s association board for some (unknown to us) infraction(s).


After all the disparaging remarks made by Mister Tough Guy, all the sniping he has done to other neighbors, all the name-calling, et cetera – and he wants people to write glowing letters to the board about what a great guy he is?

The nerve!

(By the way, Best Friend did not bother write any type of letter to the HOA board on Mister Tough Guy’s behalf.)

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