To Be or Not To Be True.

How much of our time have we spent striving to be something or someone we’re not?  Indeed, how often so many of us occupy ourselves trying to be something or someone we are not!  We do see this quite often on social media, that purveyor of temptations.

You see, moving through the world at such a rapid pace as we do, trying to be someone else or impress the other guy, is truly exhausting labor, yet remember that one thing you can do better than anyone else is – be yourself.  The world doesn’t need more of everyone else parroting platitudes and mimicking others.

It needs more of the original and true you.  

As we get ready to begin another day, another week, or another year, do it with sober eyes and clear hearts.  Let’s remember who we really are deep down inside.  Do not compromise or relent on that truth.  Hold on to it at all costs and carry it into your world.  Be yourself, for there is no one better at it that you.  Know who you are and stick to your principles in a moral manner.

©2022 ColcannonMetropoilis, excerpt from “Points Well Taken”

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