Driving Mister Short.

The other day, whilst out driving in the world, I pulled up behind an apparent driverless 1980s Toyota Corolla.

It drifted a little bit in the lane, from right to left, and to the right again.  As it wandered in the lane, it continued its erratic speed – slow, faster, slow.

I could not see a driver behind the wheel; and there was my first sighting of those driverless cars we read in the news!

Or so I thought.

I changed lanes to pass it, and as I pulled alongside the ancient car, I glanced over to my right.  There, behind the wheel, was a driver – so short in the seat that his head was just below the top of the steering wheel!

©2022 Colcannon Metropolis, “Aren’t They Just!” “Life is Funny,” and “Tales from Yodel-O Land

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