I was reclining on the chaise lounge the other day at the neighborhood pool.  I was in a secluded spot.  The sun felt good on my skin, and I was in another world.  It was a good time to meditate. 

Then it started.

It was the constant yakking about sciatica and surgeries that disrupted my peaceful world.  You see, it was a group of people in the hot tub that were comparing notes on heath and doctor visits, and they were loud.  Their voices carried well.

And then—

Boisterous laughing from the pool.  A group of neighbors were yukking it up way over by the pool, and their loudness carried over to my secluded perch.  I could hear every tidbit of neighborhood gossip and world news they shared.  And the “conversations” weren’t only limited to that group – they shouted over to another on the other side of the pool, too.

It was akin to a shouting match.

Sometimes it’s difficult to catch a few moments, minutes, or even an hour of solitude in my neighborhood.

A pool in my backyard would be ideal.

©2022 Colcannon Metropolis, “Postcards from The Ridge,” “Aren’t They Just?” and “Life is Funny” 

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