Pride Month.

It has come to my attention that this, the month of June, is Pride Month, so I’ll tell you about my pride.

I am proud to be a citizen of my country, a country that continues to be a beacon of liberty, ingenuity, and capitalism for the world.  Though it is slipping on precipice lately with little positive leadership, it still is a country where true lovers of freedom want to live (not to be confused with the invasion of the nefarious we are currently experiencing on our southern border – that’s a whole other story).

I am proud to be a self-sufficient person, a hard worker, and a creator.  I am proud of my family who took a chance, left the Old Country, and started a new life – where we have the opportunities and took advantage of them to become greater than we ever could across the ocean, if my ancestors stayed there.

I am proud to be who I am and what I will become.

Now, that’s true pride!

©2022 Colcannon Metropolis, “Life is Funny,” “Pride Month,” and “Aren’t They Just?”

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