Special? So Special!

This past weekend was good to a point.

Friday, Best Friend and I headed to lunch where we honed our skills with chopsticks.  The sushi was fresh, and the wasabi was out of this world.

Saturday, we headed out to our HOA neighborhood pool.  It was crowded:  people sunning themselves on deck, people in the pool floating on noodles and water wings.

Then they came.

A mother brought her two young sons to the pool.  The boys were about 8 and 9 years old.  Mother proceeded to lay out here beach towel on the chaise lounge, while Isaac and Jacob tossed diving toys into the pool.

I know their names because they yelled them to each other.

The boys proceeded to cannonball themselves into the water, then dive for those toys.

They splashed around and did a few more cannonballs.

They used the railings in the shallow end as monkey bars as they wiped their cracks up and down on the metal.

Then they ran – ran – to the hot tub to continue their entertainment.  Their mother sunned herself on the chaise lounge, oblivious – or maybe accepting – of her sons’ rudeness towards everyone else.

By this time, the pool was emptying.  People were leaving the water and exiting the pool area.

Best Friend and I were the last to leave.

Isn’t a shame how people will break the rules and ruin an otherwise pleasant afternoon for others?

And then, the next time we went to the pool, what happened then will turn your stomach.

©2022 Colcannon Metropolis, “Aren’t They Just!” “Life is Funny,” “Postcards from The Ridge”

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