The Immature Blue Hair.

“It’s for me to know and for you to find out.”

That was the answer I was given by a woman to whom I asked a question, and it reminded me of grammar school days on the playground.  Though I really wanted a truthful and straight answer to my question from that woman, something else was answered for my benefit:  This woman was childish and obviously uncomfortable with giving any sort of mature response, and what she did by her non-answer was a figurative hands-on-her-hips-and-her-tongue-sticking-out-at-me response.  And that said more to me than I imagined, and it publicly revealed itself from my serious question to her.

What I have come to find out since this hissy fit of hers, is that she acts that way towards anyone who dares to not kiss up to her.  If you aren’t in her clique, woe be unto you.  You become persona non grata among the rest of the neighborhood.

She has that kind of power.

©2022 Colcannon Metropolis, excerpt from “Points Well Taken” “Jo-Jo,” and “Postcards from The Ridge”

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