And They Ran Scared.

The cable service our neighborhood is included in our monthly assessments.  We also have an on-site management company staff.

We received an email in the morning from the cable company stating that the cable will be out “for a short time” while they are working on maintenance.  A second email came from our property management company, advising residents to call the cable company directly for questions – AND the girls in the management office will close their doors for the remainder of the week “for security purposes.”  (No other explanations.)


We called the cable company in the late afternoon and asked when the cable will return (it was out from early morning by this time).  “Frank” said it will return “shortly.”

It was still out the next morning.  Nothing.  Not even a test pattern.

Now, going back to the girls in our on-site management office:  We all surmise that they closed up shop for the rest of the week, ran home, and took cover under their beds because they were afraid of residents calling them to ask about the lack of cable service.

This is not new.  I wrote about the so-called security threat in in March 2022, and a possible reason for the perception of that threat.

We are believing that the girls in the management office need to find a different, non-scary job if they need to run home and hide and not do the job they are hired for.

Meanwhile, we all pay for a service in our assessments that we are not getting — a management company and cable service.  No refunds, either.

©2022 Colcannon Metropolis, excerpt from “Postcards from The Ridge


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