Life Support.

The advertisements lay it right out there for us:

Take a pill that’s chock full of vegetables.

Take a pill that gives you fruit for the day.

Swallow a pill for those aches and pains.

Swallow a pill for restful sleep.

These pills will allow you to talk like a statesman, bring joy and sparkle in your life, you can give a little bowl of sunshine to your neighbors, you can be the mom you really want to be, or that cool dad who can impress your kid by doing a kick flip.

Just a pill every night will give you sleep without tossing and turning for hours.  You will be able to tie your shoes, walk down those stairs, be that cool grandparent who can pick up a grandchild.

Are all these pills just pushing aside the inevitable?

Is this just life support?

©2022ColcannonMetropolis excerpt from “Thoughts on the Terrace on a Rainy Day”

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