I Live Among Giants.

In my past several missives, I wrote about the threat made to our neighborhood cable company, which freaked out the little snowflakes in the management office, who in turn, explained the reason for the threat, and then put out emails that ordered that no one may come to their office without an appointment, and only one person at a time, at that.

Remember, no one threatened the girls in the management company office; just the cable company, which is off premises.  What hyperbole!

Now we have seen a very public message written by Mister Tough Guy, the neighbor who huffs and puffs and bloviates, but is little more than a mouse.

Mister Tough Guy wrote that he apologizes for the rest of the neighbors, because – you must see and understand – all the older people who live in this neighborhood were “somebody important before they retired.”  That is, “these people are not used to following rules or having others tell them what to do.”  Then Mister Tough Guy proceeded to brag about the paperclips he pushed around as a military supply officer.

I now know that I live among giants – people who were “somebody” in their careers, but apparently are lesser now that they are retired.

My goodness.  No wonder I feel out of place living here.

©2022ColcannonMetropolis excerpt from “Tales from The Ridge”

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