No Laughing Matter

There is a neighbor here – Mister Tough Guy. – who puffed his chest two weeks ago and pontificated about joining a mercenary unit to fight in the Ukraine.

When he was provided an organization and its link that will accept such soldiers of fortune, excuses abounded from his keyboard. Since then, he created a GiveMeMoney account to raise $10,000. But the GiveMeMoney people publicly put his request under review and so far, it’s still in limbo, with no indication of going forward.

This war on the Ukraine is no childish nor joking matter. Russia is asking China to provide them resources. Russia is coming closer to attacking Poland. It is only a matter of time before this spreads even further.

Then we will see who is serious about defending our own country, let alone the Ukraine. 

This is no time to pretend being Captain America.

Copyright 2022, excerpt from Tales from The Ridge

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