Daily Archives: February 17, 2022

The Big Dog.

Our dogs were in the yard hunting little frogs and chasing birds.  They were rushing between the shrubs and dashing around the trees.  Suddenly, they stopped and began to bark at the stockade fence.

The dog who lives on the other side sporadically barked back.  His barks blended with our dogs’ barks to make a melodic three-part canine harmony.

After about a half minute, it became too much, so I went to the door and chided our dogs.  Little Dog stopped and ran into the house.  Big Dog kept barking at the dog who lives on the other side, and the other dog kept on barking, too.

“BIG DOG!” I rumbled, standing in the doorway.  “Cut it out!  In the house!  NOW!”

He turned and lazily walked towards me.

With every few sauntering steps he would look to his side – almost over his shoulder – and let out a deep, short growl.

I’ll be back, Palsy.  I’ll be back, ya mug.”   That is what I imagined he was growling to the dog who lives on the other side of the fence.

©2022 Colcannon Metropolis, excerpt from “Puppy Love”