Success, Failure.

Success, by definition, is the realization of a purpose, goal, profit, popularity, et al.  Indeed, we all, for the most part, strive for success in one form or another.  As many success stories there are, there are failure stories, too.  And there are the multi-successful and multi–failures.  Yet every so-called successful person is perhaps a failure, too.  And vice versa.

Success is unarguably subjective.  One person may deem having one hundred dollars in the bank a success, while another sees it as an utter lack of harder work and diligent saving, thereby, a failure.  One parent may have done everything she believes to be a good parent, while another parent may conclude doing more than enough is not ever enough, and hence, a failure.  One person may enjoy his life just getting by, while another sees that as a failure and a lack of ambition.

You see, success is a two-edged term:  subjective and judgmental, depending on who experiences it and who judges it.  Generally, we are our own best judges of our experiences.

I wish you a happy year and life to come, and an outrageously joyful and successful adventure.

©Colcannon Metropolis

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