Daily Archives: January 13, 2022


Since I recently wrote an anecdote about my cat, how about one about my dog?

I have a small dog.  A miniature dachshund, to be specific.  A short-legged dog who is long on loyalty and determination.

The other day, when I walked into the bedroom, I noticed that her round, very large bed wasn’t under the window as usual.  I glanced to the far side of the room, and there I spied it.  It was at the foot of the bed.  Later, I discovered it was closer to one side of the bed.  I had no idea what happened.

Oh, what the heck!  I thought, and I moved the little bed back under the window.

The same thing happened again the next day.

Several days later, I caught the little culprit in the act.

Swish.  Drag.  Swish.  Drag.  Drag.

There was the perpetrator in the broad afternoon light: My little dachshund clamping her tiny jaws on the backside of her bed and dragging it across the room.  Mind you, the bed is about a good four and a half feet in diameter.  Mind you, she is less than two feet long.

Perseverance and strength, even from the smallest creature.  It’s admirable.

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