Daily Archives: January 5, 2022


I am always in great amazement at how limber and flexible cats are.

A few days ago, my best friend and I were preparing to go out, when I saw the cat laying on the bed, stretched out to 36 inches (at least!), its tail included.

“You know something?” I posed to my friend as I combed my hair.  “If this cat was a male, a good name would be ‘Mercury.’  Cats are so liquid, so flexible, a solid entity, but utterly liquid in their movements.’

“Indeed,” remarked my friend.

I continued.  “Now, Mercury is a Roman god, male, of course.  I just cannot think what the female counterpart’s name would be.”

“Mercurochrome,” my friend dryly commented as he finished slapping on his after shave.


~copyright 2022, excerpt from my journals