Oh, My Aching Back.

I do not watch television.  I couldn’t tell you what are the popular programs running now, nor can I tell you what are the new programs, or anything.  I do, however, turn on my screen to watch old movies and occasionally – occasionally – catch up on news.

I notice that so many – the majority, in fact – of commercials are pushing drugs and pseudo-drugs.  Dang.  And I am getting tired of George Foreman, “Broadway” Joe Namath, Crabby Ass Martha, Amy “Bikini” Jacobson, Sebastian Gorka, Pat “White Bucks” Boone, Jimmie “Dyno-mite JJ” Walker, Mark Spitz, Joe Piscopo, et al shilling for secondary insurance and pseudo pain drugs.

And all those actual drug commercials.  “Tell your doctor . . . “

This is just an observation of the fear huckstering so popular these days. I’ll discuss this further in the future.

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