Free Food Freddie.

As you may have deduced, I am a writer, one of fiction and non-fiction.  I have been sharing snippets of books that I am formulating and planning to publish in 2022.

Today’s tidbit is from “Dear Colleagues,” a compilation of hijinx and hoopla at the office where I work.* Specifically, this snippet is about the Free Food Freddie.  He is the manager of the public relations office.

Let’s get to know him:

If there’s free food to be offered, it’s guaranteed that he is bound to show up.  No matter if it is the Holiday season, a going away party, a retirement celebration, or birthdays, he’s there.

We all were quite amazed that he would show up, even when no formal announcement would be made, particularly on birthdays.

One year, he appeared in the Management Systems office, looking mightily for the party table.  He approached the secretary and asked, “Where’s the cake?”

She, puzzled, looked at him and replied, “There’s no cake.”

Free Food Freddie, looking dejected, walked out.

We then discovered (through an office “spy”) that he kept a list on his desk of all the birthdays in the entire building.  Therefore, based on his greed for a freebie, he would show up, no matter if there was a formal announcement, or not.

Chow down, Colleague!

* ©2022, excerpt from “Dear Colleages” targeted publication date December 2022

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