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Adjusting One’s Life.

In the chapter which I will present today, the “future” mostly concerns this month of December 2021.

December becomes a month of parties and get-togethers and quiet evenings and quiet reflection, especially in my part of the countryside.  I enjoy both, though I mostly enjoy the serene solitude of low-key festivities.

The diner in my neck of the woods – the one in which I have written much about – is hosting several Holiday functions.  There are the Christmas menus and parties in the Great Hall with two seatings on Christmas Eve, and the lighting of the Christmas tree by Santa. Then, at the end of the month, there is the choice of a New Year’s Eve dinner, a New Year’s Eve dinner and celebration, and just the New Year’s Eve champaign celebration.

We, my best friend and I, are attending one of the above-mentioned festivities.  To attend all of them would break the bank, as it were.  For what the diner is charging, it does bring into question the cost of the catering company the management uses.  However, one celebratory event is enough for something close by.

While deciding upon which of these events to attend, my best friend and I decided that we will also go to other places around the town.  Mind as well spread the wealth.

We went out two nights ago for dinner.  It was a last-minute decision, but sometimes doing something on a whim is most delightful.  We found ourselves at a local, in-town Mexican restaurant.  One of us had a taco plate (two very small beef tacos with a small amount of frijoles and arroz), and the other had three small enchiladas con mole with the same small amount of frijoles and arroz.  Now, bear in mind that the amount of frijoles and arroz was no more than a quarter cup (two ounces) apiece.  All that was $14 a plate.

Our clue that the prices jumped as high as they did were the menus.  They felt newly laminated and stiff in the spine.  And, of course, initially reading the menu revealed that the items were no longer at the prices to which we had been accustomed.

We understand that everything – everything – is rising in price, and most exponentially.  While this is going to be impacting everyone’s lives over the next several years, my friend and I decided that we will be adjusting our spending to include more parties and dinners at home.

That makes for lovely, cozy evenings in front of the fireplace.

©2022, excerpt from “Passage to Paradise”