Monthly Archives: December 2021

Au Revoir to 2021.

As we close out 2021, I thank everyone for supporting me and my writing here on my blog, Colcannon Metropolis.

Writing this blog was enjoyable, as I write only every other day on odd calendar days.  I did well, depending on how gracious and generous the Muses were during the year.  I do anticipate I will have several books published in 2022 and available for my readers to pour over and review sometime after June.

I will be writing about tonight’s festivities in a near future blog.  It promises to be revealing, indeed.

Thus, here is “so long and au revoir” to 2021 – an eye-opening year, indeed.  It was one of joy and happiness, realizations of hopeful dreams, freedom and liberty, constitutional fabrications and nightmares, incessant fomenting of phobias and frauds, of truth and lies.

In many ways, 2021 was like any other year – it just takes awareness and intelligence to see what reality is and what is really blatant smoke and mirrors from a desperate tyrannical subset of society.

And is there anything else to talk about, rather than the seemingly sole topic of virus and death that began in late 2019?  Of course!  One just needs to take charge of one’s life and carry on.  Why be a fettered slave to the chaos, deception, and trickery?  Life your life.  Let others lead theirs.  Return – or stay doing – to what you love to do, and the naysayers be damned.

I certainly do.  I am in charge of me.

Happy New Year!  Live free, breathe free.