Daily Archives: November 3, 2021


I needed to make a run to the store, for I needed a few items to restock my pantry.

Parked the car, got out locked it, and I hotfooted it to the store door.  It was a slightly difficult to get around this older woman so that I could grab a cart and start my hunt.

You see, she stopped in the main path, dug into her saddlebag – purse – and slowly put on her face veil:

One elastic loop over her left ear.  Straighten out the hair and smooth it down.

Move the right elastic loop over the right ear, straighten out the hair around that ear.

Fluff up the back of the hair.  Fluff out the bangs.

Close the purse.  And now push the cart five feet to the wet disposable “sanitizing” cloths.

Wipe the cart’s handle, sides, bottom . . . .

I softly asked to get around her so that I could start my shopping trip.

She gave me the dirtiest look with scowling eyes.

You see, face-concealers are not required in this store.  And I, as the majority of shoppers that day, did not have one.


©2022, excerpt from “Too Soon!”