Dawn to Twilight

The sunrises and sunsets are exquisite from across the meadow that comprises our backyard, and with the vast openness of the view, one can see clearly the brilliance, albeit the show lasts only for a short time.

The other morning, I was up early.  The enclosed porch was awash in pinks and yellows.  Upon opening the door that leads into the room, I saw the colors interspersed between the branches of the myrtle tree and oaks.

At sunset, the sun flashed and flaunted oranges and reds as it fell below the horizon.  It was a quick sunset; it wasn’t waiting for anyone to dally with a camera.

Nature is vivid and bold, velvety and subtle.  No matter where any of us live – in the town, in the countryside, in any state, any country, any continent, from the water, from the air – we all have and experienced lovely sunrises and sunsets that are nonpareil – and worth appreciating and sharing, and maybe just treasuring within one’s self.

That’s gratitude, isn’t it?

©2022, excerpt from “Memories of Strandhill”

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