Daily Archives: September 6, 2021

Complementary Compliment

Without much forward and extroverted interaction with the public, I go about my business, being the quiet and unobtrusive type of person.

Last week, I was at the grocers with my companion, minding my own business.  Whilst we stood in line to pay for our goods, what a surprise to me when a woman, sitting in a motorized cart, creeped up and tapped me on the arm. 

Startled, I took a half step back, thinking she needed to get past me in the checkout line.

She touched my arm, then spoke.

“No, no,” she smiled.  “Don’t go.  I just wanted to say to you how nice you look.  It’s so refreshing to see someone actually dress up these days.  You look so nice.  And your companion, too.  You both look good together.”

I relaxed and smiled back at her.  “Thank you.  It’s so nice of you to say that.  It’s nice that there are a few friendly people left in this world.”

She laughed.  “Oh, there are a few left!”  And she zipped away on her motorized cart.  I watched as she happily went on her merry way, her grey-white hair neatly coiffed, blouse and pants pressed, and her black shoes polished.

How refreshing that encounter was!  It makes up for the rudeness and short tempers that seem to have festered over the world in the past eighteen months, during this, the longest flu season in history.